My Uncle, The Doctor.

Medical-MalpracticeHello fellow travelers, Jefferson here! So I decided to take a small break from blogging about my travel experience, and I want to talk about something imperative regarding malpractice claims. My uncle is a doctor and believe it or not; doctors need insurance against claims of malpractice which is potentially career ending. My uncle asked if I can help him find a company that can insure him as a doctor so he would not need to worry about a possible lawsuit. This is something that I have no knowledge about, but I did a lot of research and came to one conclusion. The company that can insure my uncle had to be MedMal Direct.

MedMal Direct is an insurance provider that provides doctors the proper protection that they need against malpractice lawsuits. The first thing that they offer their clients is significant savings on their insurance coverage. Over the years, MedMal Direct has saved millions of dollars for their clients of practicing doctors. How are they able to do this, simply by cutting out the middle man. MedMal Direct offers doctors the insurance directly without the consultation of an insurance agent or broker, that way the doctor gets a substantial discount on their policy and everyone is happy.

Bait & SwitchMedMal Direct ensured my uncle that they are not just a bait-and-switch scheme. They are not merely offering their clients these inexpensive policies to just raise the rate on them next year, MedMal Direct’s insurance rates are very strictly regulated by the insurance department in every state that they offer their coverage. The low rate of MedMal Direct is only due to the direct distribution of the insurance; your rate will not be raised in the next year or the year following that next year and etc.

If you find yourself in a malpractice suit and you are insured by MedMal Direct, what next? All of the legal costs and claims expenses are paid fully by MedMal Direct, so you have nothing to worry about. MedMal Direct has a claims team that has over 40 years of combined experience in the handling of thousands of medical malpractice claims. They are familiar with all different scenarios in the industry and know exactly what to do to get you out of your malpractice lawsuit if need be. The defense team is customized by MedMal Direct for each and every claim that they come across, so you know you are getting the best protection for your particular claim, and they are not just using a generic system or template.

Medical MalpracticeIf you are a doctor and want to save money on your malpractice insurance rate, you should definitely go with MedMal Direct. You will see the amount of money that you are saving right away. It is simple, when you deal directly with the insurance provider, and not through another medium, there is more money for you to save. There is no reason that anyone that is in the healthcare industry should not give MedMal Direct a shot. Call them today, you will not be dissatisfied.